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NEW: TENDONOL®-FDS (Flexible Dry System)

TENDONOL®-FDS (Flexible Dry System) is a dry system that can be used as a continuous roll or a laminate for new applications and problematic areas in preventive structural fire protection.

Dry system as rolls (strands)

Material advantages

  • expansion/compression ≥ 50%
  • can be used at any time of the year
  • backfill/backers can be omitted or, if present, left in place
  • joint dimensions up to 110 mm

Installation advantages

  • 50% less installation time
  • substrate pre-treatment required only in the triangular gap areas
  • one roll size for several joint widths
  • simple and safe installation in ceiling joints (overhead work)

Dry system as laminate

Material advantages

  • for sealing expansion joints with widths of 2 to 8 mm
  • the laminate strips are cut to size prior to installation to guarantee the required insertion depth for fire protection and the required expansion and compression behaviour
  • TENDONOL© paste is applied for bonding and sealing the end surfaces

Installation advantages

  • sealing by pressing and bonding
  • for non-linear joint widths, the dry system can be combined with the paste-like sealant TENDONOL©


  • base material TENDONOL© Fire Protection Sealing Compound on a glass fleece backing
  • more than 25 years of proven reliability in structural engineering and tunnel construction
  • proven resistance to ageing
  • approved and tested for all building components
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

Technical data

  • Glass fleece: AR glass
  • Mass per unit area (g/m2): 108/65
  • Density (g/cm2) AR: 2.68
  • Tensile strength at filament (CN/mm2): 3,500
  • Building material class DIN 4102-1 A2: non-flammable
  • TENDONOL©: Data according to the building authority’s test certificate, building material class DIN 4102 B1
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