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Reference projects where TENDONOL® was used in industrial construction

TENDONOL® is also versatile in industrial construction.

Even in demanding applications, it serves as a sealant for sealing joints and closing gaps and openings (e.g. fire flashover barriers), and it has also been used in situations where extreme loads apply (such as in power stations, industrial plants and hospitals). When fires occur, they not only produce smoke, but also highly toxic gases that can turn escape and rescue routes into a deadly trap within just a few minutes.

Wall and ceiling joints sealed with TENDONOL® provide the ideal solution here. Based on the large number of tests and inspections carried out in accordance with European and international standards, there is practically nothing that cannot be sealed with TENDONOL®.

We have a solution for everything – TENDONOL®

Further references from the field of industrial construction

  • Power stations (GKW Hanover)
  • Research reactor, Munich/Garching
  • BASF – Nora
  • Düsseldorf Airport
  • Furnace, Hoesch AG
  • Höffner furniture store
  • MDR, Leipzig
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