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Fire protection mortar MK20 CompaKal

Fire protection mortar MK20 CompaKal is a non-combustible dry-mix mortar (in accordance with DIN 4102-9) and is used to seal openings in interior solid walls and solid ceilings through which electrical cables pass.


  • Fire resistance class S 120
  • Impervious to fire and smoke gases
  • It is suitable for pumping and can also be applied by hand
  • Extremely adhesive and stable, meaning that no formwork is required in some cases
  • Mechanically strong and resistant to the effects of fire and extinguishing water
  • Water required: approx. 7.5 to 8.0 litres
  • 1 sack of MK20 CompaKal (20 kg) produces approximately 23 litres of wet compound
  • The product can be stored for at least 15 months in dry, frost-free rooms
  • There is no mandatory training for the installation of cable penetration seals

Permissible installation

  • Electrical cables and leads of all types (except waveguide cables)
  • The outer diameter of the individual cables must not exceed 80 mm
  • The cables may be combined to form cable layers or bundled cables and, if necessary, laid on cable support structures
  • Cable support structures (cable channels, cable trays, cable ladders, etc.) made of steel, aluminium or plastic profiles


The fire protection mortar MK20 CompaKal is suitable for the following trade groups:

  • Fire protection
  • Electrical systems
  • Insulation fitting
  • Building services

Technical data sheets, test reports, certificates

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