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Reference projects where TENDONOL® was used in tunnels

Tunnels are constantly exposed to massive burdens such as emissions, aggressive liquids and salts, temperature influences and mechanical wear. In the long term, these lead to concrete damage and/or corrosion of the reinforcement. The joint seals used for fire protection must also withstand these burdens. The fire protection sealing compound TENDONOL® meets these requirements in full.

Illustrative project: Gaasperdammer Tunnel, Amsterdam

In the Gaasperdammer Tunnel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the corner joints between the ceiling and the walls, which were fitted with fire protection panels, were sealed with TENDONOL®, as were the connection joints at the smoke extraction system. The ventilation ducts were also sealed with TENDONOL® at the suspension flaps in order to provide fire protection.

Further references in the field of tunnel construction

  • Amsterdam (NL) – Gaasperdammer Tunnel
  • Basel (CH) – city motorway tunnel
  • Dedesdorf/Kleinensiel – Weser Tunnel
  • Düsseldorf – Kö-Bogen Tunnel
  • Hergiswil/Nidwalden (CH) – Kirchwald Tunnel
  • Kazakhstan/Georgia – Roki Tunnel
  • Maastricht (NL) – motorway tunnel
  • Sochi (RU) – city motorway tunnel
  • Stockholm (SWE) – Norra Länken city motorway tunnel
  • Stuttgart – tunnel beneath department store
  • Ticino (CH) – motorway tunnel
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