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TENDONOL®-H (bonding bridge)

TENDONOL®-H (bonding bridge) is a dispersion primer for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.

TENDONOL®-H reduces the absorbency of the substrate, dries extremely quickly, is highly concentrated and versatile, and bonds to a wide range of materials. At the same time, it is very low in emissions and solvent-free in accordance with TRGS (Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances). TENDONOL®-H can be sprayed on or applied with a roller.

TENDONOL®-H is used for priming, e.g. on calcium sulphate boards, concrete, ceramic tiles, chipboard and OSB boards, wooden floorboards and old load-bearing substrates, and serves as a bonding bridge between TENDONOL® and the substrate.

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