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Ultramodern civil engineering structure – double-storey A2 Tunnel in Maastricht, the Netherlands

Double-storey A2 Tunnel in Maastricht, the Netherlands

The material selected for sealing the cable openings in this tunnel project was TENDONOL®.

The pipe and cable openings in the shafts of this tunnel system need to be sealed for fire protection.

The following requirements had to be met:

  • Fire protection according to the RWS curve for 180 minutes
  • Watertightness against leakage water
  • Sealing from one side only (reverse side blind)
  • Proof of durability (resistance to ageing)
  • Resistance to frost/de-icing salts

Compliance with these requirements was verified by accredited testing institutes and in accordance with DIN regulations (by means of adhesion tests), which ultimately led to the order being placed.

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