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Tendonol® – Universal fire protection sealant remains flexible, ensuring adaptation to all even as well as uneven subsurfaces. Its excellent adhesion and simple installation ensure a perfect seal between different materials even in areas under extreme loads, while guaranteeing the required fire protection.

Tendonol® demonstrates its high quality and unlimited application possibilities for sealing between different materials such as concrete fire protection panels or concrete-metal constructions as well as curtain walls for impact protection.

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  • no dangerous substances – no solvent
  • elastoplastic after curing
  • good adhesion on dry as well as moist subsurfaces
  • for interior and exterior use
  • moisture-resistant
  • resistant to aging
  • resistant to freezing/thawing salt
  • volume increase in face of fire
  • forms seal against smoke gas
  • overpaintable – e.g. with Arculux AK coating paint (see below)
  • cleaning with high pressure cleaner possible (see below)

technical data


  • for sealing connection and expansion joints
  • adheres to all mineral and metallic materials such as concrete, masonry, steel, sheet metal, wood, fire protection panels of cement, calcium silicate and plaster
  • fire-resistant with single-sided seal in ceilings and walls on present material, backfill or spacers consisting of round PE cord, polystyrene, etc.

pressure resistant

up to 1 Bar

water resistant


UV resistant


heat resistant

up to 1350° C

frost / de-icing salt resistant



Inspection of the surface of the universal fire protection sealing compound TENDONOL® after cleaning by high pressure cleaner


Results from testing the TENDONOL® surface after cleaning with the high-pressure device.


Technical information on colour design



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